Operations and management

Adapt Biogas not only prides itself on its industry-based knowledge, we also offer a level of care and commitment essential for the class leading operations and maintenance services we offer. We have years of experience running successful on farm and off farm anaerobic digestion plants, producing renewable energy both directly into the National Grid gas lines and power into the electricity network (generated by on site combined heat and power units). These sites have been fed on a mixture of waste feed, agricultural feed and utilising animal by-products.

We are now offering bespoke operations and maintenance contract services which provide a fixed cost solution to our clients. This is specifically tailored depending on the site and its requirements. This service can be offered to new build sites or sites already in production.


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Our services include:

  • Provision and management of on site or off site staff structure relating to the site operations.
  • Overseeing of site operations and maintenance.
  • Full accounts management including KPI’s and performance-based reporting.
  • Implementing solutions surrounding the efficient removal and use of the digestate by-product resulting from the process.
  • Sourcing, organising and managing contractors providing works and services, whether relating to projects or ongoing works on site.
  • Operational management and assistance relating to biology within the digesters and feedstock usage, including periodic FOS TAC sampling for regular monitoring and management of gas production.
  • Administration services including collation of stock records, RHI/Feed-in Tariff/RTFO submission, auditing and procurement.
  • Discovering financial efficiencies in relation to site operations, feedstock costs and revenue generated, including finances achieved for power purchase agreements, green gas certificates and gas sales.
  • Expertise, consultancy and procedural implementation regarding compliance, health and safety and legal obligation. Including permitting regulations.