Digestate – perfect for our farmland

1 September 2022

Often, we see manufacturing plants that have by-products or waste that they don’t have any use for. The beauty of an anaerobic digestion plant is that all of our by-products become a homemade fertiliser – perfect for our farmland.

What is it called you ask:  digestate!

Adding digestate to farmers’ crops, we can literally watch the crops flourish and grow!

Our digestate produced from a mixture of crops, residual farm feed and cattle muck contains vital sources of Nitrates, Phosphate and Potash, as well as useful amounts of trace and microelements. This is a natural and sustainable alternative to industry-produced mineral fertiliser. And the farmers love it!

By creating an optimum fertility level, whilst increasing the availability of nutrients within the land, farmers can expect to see

  • A decrease in costs
  • An increase in crop yield
  • A higher soil quality
  • Alongside this, there is more opportunity for nutrient planning and improved land recovery.

What’s not to love?

To find out more about our anaerobic digestion plants in Cambridgeshire and Somerset please take a look at our website at www.adaptbiogas.com, and please follow our social media platforms, on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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