Consultancy & project management

Here at Adapt Biogas, we are fully proficient within all areas of anaerobic digestion activities. One area which is particularly vital for trouble free operations, is efficient management of project and construction works. All manner of works big or small, can result in a major impact on day-to-day activities many months following. Management of project works must include preparation, planning and organisation. This ensures achievable timescales, compliance with regulations and meeting operational requirements. Above all, safety, staff wellbeing and environmental protection are paramount in all works undertaken.

Our on hand team have had multiple project experiences within the anaerobic digestion sector.

These include some of the below,

  • Digester cleaning for removal of built up silt and solid matter including inspection and repair
  • Installation and commissioning of new equipment from feeders, engines, compressors, upgraders, gas cleaners and chillers
  • Implementation of a pasteurization unit and management system under PAS110 requirements
  • Expansion works to incorporate additional digesters
  • Digester roof modifications and amendment from a secondary digester to a primary digester
  • Organisation of annual shutdowns, to incorporate annual maintenance and ME2 requirements
  • Creation of new feedstock silage clamps.

Being involved in these experiences first hand, places us in prime position for offering exemplary operations and maintenance services to other anaerobic digestion sites across the UK. This can include full site management or consultancy services for specific projects. Whichever route chosen, you can be confident that Adapt Biogas, will ensure projects are smoothly carried out, to meet with plant needs, reduced downtime and customer expectations.


Expansion of Murrow AD Plant


Murrow AD Plant

Murrow AD Plant