ISCC accreditation for Murrow AD

10 November 2022

Getting professional accreditations for our anaerobic digestion plants is important to our business but also extremely vital to the professionalism and operational status of the plants.

We are delighted to announce we have recently been accredited with the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) for our Murrow AD plant in Murrow, Cambridgeshire.

What does this mean?

The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) is an internationally recognised standard used in the biofuels and energy industry to demonstrate that fuel meets the defined sustainability criteria. ISCC certification applies to companies that are acting throughout the biofuel supply chains, ranging from the point of material origin (farms, plantations and waste/residue point of origins), to the processing unit that produces the biofuel before it can be used for transportation amongst other productive usages. ISCC certification is a RED (Renewables Energy Directive) compliant biofuels scheme that demonstrates these EU sustainability criteria (REC I & II) are met, in addition to being compliant with the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) of the European Commission.

Specifically, for Adapt Biogas we hope that this certification provides us with a competitive advantage over uncertified suppliers, traders, collecting points and processing units.

ISCC certification demonstrates that we have met criteria relevant to environmental, social and traceability. It includes a full look at our supply chain specifically our inputs into the business (sustainable feedstocks cattle manure, poultry litter, outgrade fruit & vegetables ETC) alongside our production outputs (renewable energy – Biomethane).

Often this Biomethane can be utilised within the transport sector by users who have an obligation under the RTFO (renewable transport fuel obligation) to either utilise alternative sources of fuel to meet required greenhouse gas savings (renewable biofuels), purchase certificates from the production of renewable sources or buy out of their obligation. By having this ISCC accreditation, it ensures that we have met the scheme standards for our renewable biomethane so that it can be utilised as a sustainable source of biofuel.

For audit purposes we had to evidence that we have in place protocols to audit our supply chain, our associated greenhouse gas emissions, the proportion of sustainable derived apportioned production and that we will conduct our businesses activities in a way that complies with the sustainability criteria set out in the renewable energy directive.

Adapt Biogas carbon management strategy involves:

  • Setting targets for reducing our absolute carbon emissions
  • Minimising our emissions by implementing operational efficiencies and utilising innovative technologies
  • Working with our suppliers to improve supply chain practices and implemented procedures
  • Regularly reviewing our sustainable process to ensure we are continually optimising and reporting measurable improvements

The ISCC accreditation is something we have been looking to achieve as part of our wider business aim to be as sustainable as possible in our approach. We have built up positive supplier relationships that have benefitted us greatly in ensuring we are able to maximise our renewable energy production whilst ensuring the utilisation of materials otherwise considered low in economic value.

So, well done to our team, and we will proudly display our certificate at Adapt Biogas HQ.

Great to see our Managing Director, James Thompson and Operations Manager, Sophie Swan enjoying the moment of certificate receipt!

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