Murrow’s AD Plant Refurbishing Project By Host In Collaboration with Adapt Biogas

15 March 2021

Besides support and maintenance service for own anaerobic digestion (AD) plants, HoSt offers third-party maintenance service.

Commissioned by Adapt Biogas Limited (Adapt Biogas), the HoSt Service & Maintenance UK team helped with refurbishing the digesters at Murrow (UK) and installed new double membrane roofs. The digesters were constructed in 2014 during the first stage of the site construction. AD plant maintenance is an important and inevitable service function for efficient biogas production.

“Where our planned maintenance as part of maintenance contracts allows to create, maintain, and schedule maintenance, this project is a great example of a third-party maintenance service when we are not the EPC contractor of the biogas plant”, says Koen Verstraeten, project manager service at HoSt. “Our experience combined with the professionalism and AD experience of Adapt Biogas ensured a very smooth and controlled project management. Effective communication between all parties involved and emphasis on safety guidelines were major factors in achieving this”.

“The digester degrit project was a very exciting but busy period for us at Adapt biogas. We have spent lots of time and effort on the recent expansion at our flagship site and it is great to see the original parts of the AD receiving the maintenance and reconditioning needed. We have always worked well alongside the HoSt team; this project has been no exception. The communication, planning and expertise between the two companies has been particularly beneficial in ensuring reduced downtime within our AD plant”, says Sophie Swan, operations manager at Adapt Biogas.

AD Plant

Double membrane roofs

The new double membrane roofs can withstand all weather conditions ensuring optimal biogas production and a secured renewable energy supply to the UK gas grid. Another major advantage, in comparison with single membrane roofs, is the steady curve of these roofs due to the continuous air flow between the two membranes. When the gas pressure in the roofs is less, the roofs keep their curve preventing cracks or damage.

Refurbishment digester tanks

This project was a prime example of collaboration. Adapt Biogas carried out essential work as preparation of the replacement of the old single membrane roofs, which included emptying and degassing of the digesters, and degritting and cleaning of the tanks. HoSt followed with adaptions to the tank to fit the new double membrane roofs. With these new roofs, the digester tanks also received HoSt pressure relieve valves, gas pressure sensors and digestate level sensors, fitted in each tank.

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